Monday, September 8, 2008


Sorry about going AWOL the last few weeks...I needed the down time though! I'm still fighting what I call the 'Beijing Hack' so that has kept me lying low! I also had to get the 'free' haircut that I got in Beijing fixed before I saw anyone....

Here are a few random pictures from Beijing.
Art on the Athlete village grounds:

A piece of art at the 798 Art District in Beijing:The male contingent of my cheer squad all decked out in orange:
Mom and Dad in Beijing:
After the race and after they cleaned my arm wound out:
Well, off to Edmonton for Jord's soccer tournament and then to Victoria for a meeting with the coach and help Erin move back to Calgary (yeah!). Easing back into training but still working out some post-crash issues in my shoulder and knee!! I also have to buy some baby gifts as Nicole's little guy made a early (but healthy) entrance to the world on the weekend! Lil' Dex is officially the 4th member of my future 2028 Olympic relay team!!


Anonymous said...


could of been worse eh?

We are all so very proud of you !!

You are...and forever will Olympian...with the true Olympic Spirit.

Relax a bit...and mend...

We enjoy reading your blog and checking out the pictures.


Katya said...

Lisa, just wanted to say hi! Have been thinking of you. I know it wasn't exactly what you were going for, but the Olympics. . .Wow. Congrats on accomplishing what so many dream about, but so few actually get to achieve. Regardless of whether you go for 2012 or come kick butt at 70.3 (I'm scared!), I know lots of great things lie ahead. take care.

Bruce said...

As a lurker (actually a good friend of Bree), it was indeed interesting reading your blog over the last two or three months. I guess with the next games 4 years away, you are probably wondering what on earth you are going to be doing in the coming months. It will be interesting to see how things develop and I hope you keep up the blog. The Chinese have a saying which means that if you live to old age, you keep studying to old age (活到老,學到老). Keep learning. It's never too late to learn (something new).

BreeWee said...

Lisa... enjoy getting back into the swing of life and sport!

I need to email you soon, I am home from the weekend and have time to get thoughts going for you about your email...

70.3... I am with Katya, SCARY! DO it! DO IT!