Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun Stuff

Here is some post race fun photos!
Richard and I outside Holland Heineken House....
The women's 10k open water swim...looks more civilized in that pack. Not the most exciting sport to spectate, especially when it's hot out an you have fresh exposed skin on one arm! Our cabbie also seemed to take interesting route there that involved a drive thru of the airport terminal and dropping us off about 2k away from the actual entrance! Fun times!
The 798 Art district in East Beijing. Very cool. It is an area of reclaimed warehouses, now full of local art galleries and cafes. Richard and I only went through it quickly, so I may go back on Saturday to look around. The place is HUGE!!
One of the many statues in the Art district....Say What?!
Went to see Josh Riker-Fox at the Modern Pentathlon this morning. It is a cold and rainy day in Beijing. The first 2 events for him were the shooting and fencing. Next up is swimming, horse jumping and running. I had to leave the fencing a bit early because I'm not feeling that great today...either from the dinner last night (out of the village) or some cooties I may have picked up in the village!


Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

A better translation of the peach advertisement would be: "In early times during the era of feudalism, the peach was an article of tribute of the imperial family." Thanks for asking the question as to the meaning. The meaning is clear from the Chinese, but not the English. I guess the imperial family liked the peaches so much that they valued them as much as money. Hope you got to eat one (but make sure it is ripe).

Anonymous said...

I love the translations over there! When you leave the country look for the sign in the airport that says "Welcome to Beijing Again"....on your way out!
10k open water swim....crazy!


Anonymous said...

Lisa - with respect to the chinese verbage relax you were trying to interpret in dutch then to english!

You must be one mixed up linguistic major by now!!!