Thursday, May 22, 2008

You know your behind in your blogging when... check your own blog and wonder why it hasn't been updated in awhile!  

Here is a quick summary of the last couple weeks:  It was a long trip home from South Africa. After the disappointment of the race, I just wanted to get home but it seemed like the travel gods were upset with me.  I was charged insane prices for my bike box to travel with me, I had flight delays and missed a connection in Hong Kong.  Then after 4 long travel days and 3 attempts to get to Calgary from Seattle, I finally got home a day later than planned!  Needless to say, I was very tired when I got home!

The week after that was a bit of a blur, couple dinners with family, cheered Jord on at a soccer game, the soon-to-be-inlaws staying at our house, a dentist appointment, a haircut and visit to my athletic therapist....The weather went from freezing and snow to not a cloud in the sky and 29 degrees in 6 days....only in Calgary!!  Between all that, I squeezed in a few workouts; a 2 hour run on Nose Hill park on a beautiful day, a ride out to Elbow Falls, and some swims with the U of C team (nothing like getting your butt kicked by Breaststrokers to keep the ego in check!).  

Anyway, after having a tough week keeping my focus, my coach and I decided it was best for me to train out in Victoria until Worlds and probably into Des Moines on June 22.  So I washed my clothes and loaded up the car and headed out of Calgary.  The travel gods were apparently still pissed at me, so they closed Highway 1 and made me drive the long and windy, beautiful if you aren't trying to catch a ferry on the other end, highway 3.  My car has also decided to act up...who knows how much that will cost!?

Now I'm in Victoria, the weather is good and the training is more focused.  The lake was 16.7 the other day, so I can get some wetsuit practice in before Vancouver....have to keep up with the American girls!  

Sorry if I missed you when I was in Calgary, I tried to squeeze everyone in but ran out of time and was a bit stressed out last week!  If anyone knows how to appease the travel gods, please let me know...I only have to take the ferry across to Vancouver but I'd like it not to sink on the way over!!

Take Care,

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BreeWee said...

American girls, what American girls!? You got em'! Hey, I am cheering for my fave Dutch girl- forget the other gals!
So glad you are posting again!