Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Richard look away now! I think I may have found the wedding dress of my dreams in Ishigaki! I hope they will ship to Calgary! Now that I have the dress taken care of, we have to actually set a date (and stick to it!)!

Here is a riddle for you:

Question: What takes 4 days, 3 nights—one over international waters, 2x75 min bus rides, 8 different airports and a 1.5hr car ride with your fiancĂ©e?

Answer: My return trip from the tropical Japanese fishing island of Ishigaki back to my home-away-from-home, Noosa!

Although, as crappy as this may seem, I was on my 2nd day on my 2nd bus on my way to my 6th airport (Narita) and I was thinking how great it all was! It’s pretty cool to traveling the world and going to places that I probably would never get to if I wasn’t racing there! Oh yeah, and if anyone has Airmiles they want to offload, you let me know!!

Here’s a couple Travel facts/tips for you:

--In Japan, it is totally possible to make a connecting flight onto a competitor airline (no partnership here…) when you land 25min before departure time but still have to take a bus to the terminal, pick up your bike box at the baggage claim(10min before take-off), check-in for the flight (7min), get back through security (3min), run to the farthest possible gate while they announce last call for your flight (1min), and run the last 100m with an airline representative telling you to “be fast”! The crazy part is, both my bike and my bag (which took different routes) made the flight too!

--When traveling in Asia, always bring a pillow with you. Who can tell me those rock hard, mega thick, bean-bag-material filled pillows are actually comfortable?!The immigration line in Narita was longer than LAX….I didn’t think it was possible…

Off to the overnighter into Auckland....

Thanks for all the e-mails and comments! You guys are awesome!


Anonymous said...

Pretty in Pink?
Is that really you? A wedding dress! No spelling or grammatical errors! Must have been a long bus ride. You need not rush home soon, the weather is turning. There is snow in Richard's forecast. I am thinking of flying down to Oz for some golf and if you guys do it- a wedding!
Looking foreward to S Korea.

Astrid, Stephen & Matt said...

Pink is totally your colour ... Richard could were a nice pink vest and tie to match ;P

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,don't listen to that Dad of yours.You will look great in pink.Go for it!!Tom en ik zitten voor de computer spellbound en we wensen je veel succes in Korea. Ik bewonder je doorzettings vermogens Lisa en hoop dat je run goed gaat. Wens je een top 10 . Love, Oma

BreeWee said...

No offense, that dress is ugly... but if you are serious about it then IT WILL GREAT ON YOU! LOVE IT! If I had known you were getting married I would have brought you my dress to OZ.

You are so true- as athletes we are so blessed to travel and experience the world! Safe trip home and I hope you DO set and STICK to a date!

Marni said...

great blog! Good luck this season. I like the pink but a little fluffy for me. I am getting married in October, still haven't found (or looked) for a dress. Good luck with the planning! I'm keeping things simple..who needs chair covers??