Saturday, April 26, 2008

One down, one to go!

9th!! It was nearly a 7th but I was passed on the last 100m by 2 girls...ouch! But with a run split of 35.49 (including my T2 split), I can deal with losing out in the sprint finish (this time only though!).

It was a cold day. The water, they say, was 15.4 degrees (yeah right!)....for those of you who don't jump into random (and usually dirty) bodies of water, at that temp you get brain freeze and your hands and feet go numb! I highly recommend it! There was also a boat that decided it was a good time to cross the harbour in the middle of the race...what the f$#k??

The bike too, was cold and windy. So windy they shortened the course by taking out a bridge that would have had a nasty gusty cross wind. The bike pack sucked though, no one willing to work too hard except when someone (me a couple times) tried to make a break. Other than that, it was a pretty leisurely ride for a world cup.

The run was flat and along the harbour. It too was windy! After a little struggle getting my shoes on (my feet were frozen!), I managed to tuck myself in behind one of the Russian girls and paced off her. I was running in 7th until the last 100m of the run, when 2 girls that were just behind me passed me. I didn't have much left to react to them, but I held on for the 9th place!

Anyway, the Dutch standard for Beijing is 2x top 10 finishes at a World Cup. Since I finished a heartbreaking (but well raced) 11th in New Plymouth, I still need one more! Hence the trip to South Africa for the Richard's Bay World Cup next weekend!

Wish me luck, the next one will be a top 6 for sure! Oh yeah, I now have a World Cup ranking of 14!!

Thanks a million for all the cheers--at least this race wasn't too late for North American viewing!
I hope everyone is working on improving the weather for my return home....



Anonymous said...

Congratulations we couldn't be more proud. PB in the 10K in those conditions, imagine a warm weather race in Richard's Bay. You have to like the name..too bad it wasn't Lisa's or Shaggy's Bay, but it will do. Carma, eh! Lots of luck next race and then you get to rest those weary legs and well trusten.

Lisa said...

Way to go Lisa! I watched the race on tricast and was cheering you on! Best of luck for your top 10 in Richard's Bay - you will do it!

JDM said...

Good job!!! just like my msn says: Lisa, you are my Hero! especially in those types of conditions! Good luck in "Richard's Bay" and I will see you soon.
<3 Jordie

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I am so HAPPY for you!!!
You are amazing!!!

But, I saw you weren't first out of T2, you must not have had a bet on with Coach Paul to buy you dinner?

Best of luck for Richard's Bay!

Janet Nielsen.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to watch you in Richard's 2:30am!!! Have a safe trip over there!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, what a great race. Oma and I watched transfixed always looking for your number 4. Nice to see your ranking going up. Good luck in Richard's Bay!
Oma and Tom

Eileen Swanson said...

Congrats Lisa! This is really AWESOME! You are doing amazing....


Anonymous said...

Great race again, Lisa! Those hills looked painful to bike up. I'll have to set my alarm to get up to watch you in Richard's Bay, or try to re-live my youth and just stay up that late! We're all excited for you, we know that you can pull off another top 10th finish, no problem. Look how far you've come this year, AWESOME!!
Good Luck in Richard's Bay!

Anonymous said...

So many of us are rooting for can't even imagine!!!!
Good Luck in Richard's Bay!!!
A + P

BreeWee said...

You are my hero! Just to let you know every single run race I do now I pretend you are in it too and it's a 5k in Noosa on some old dirt road...
Go get it... cheering SO loud!

Louie said...

Congratulations Lisa - you are awesome!! You will make it to the Olympics - I just know it - I'm cheering for you, can you hear me??

Mike "Chewy" said...

Good Luck at Richards Bay Lisa. We'll be cheering for you here in Calgary this weekend.

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