Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sun, Sand and Dunes!

My Day in the sun finally came! I had been promised that the weekend was going to be nice and sunny....saturday was overcast with showers (no surprise) and sunday looked like it might turn out to be the same when a thunderstorm rolled in just as we were heading out to the coast! We waited out the storm and left late afternoon for a run workout in the dunes and some beach time. It was great!

Here's the beach at Bloemendaal....note the grass covered dune ridge in the background.....

My first experience of a Dutch beach!
Walking down the dune ridge to the sea....
The dunes, tons of trails/paths to run and ride on! Apparently they have an Xterra race in this area...the run up from the water would be killer!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome dunes - this would be a neat mountain biking location!

Powertap is unbelievable - honesty tool - no way to cheat or let up now but at the same time one can't overdue it and go anaerobic - this is the best training tool I have ever had!

Take care - Gordon